Add your project or organization

1. Please choose the icon that you will drag into the map:

  • Individual – if you are an independent legal designer
  • Organization – if you work in an agency, startup, university or other type of organization working on Legal Design
  • Conflict prevention phase – If your project is to deliberately prevent conflict or is a strategic project to enhance legal business or legal operations within business. For example: proactive and visual contracts, customer journeys, redesigning compliance, creating empathy with the client, legal strategic partnership with the client, clear and visual legal advise or policies
  • Mediation phase – If your project happens to resolve the first signs of conflict. For example: visual thinking for de-escalation conflicts, clear communication of different scenarios for conflict resolution, preventive exit strategies
  • Court phase – If your project is applied during conflict resolution and court cases. For example: infographics to support court cases, clarify process documents, preparation of witness examination, innovate legal processes, redesigning courts

2. Then drag your icon to the right location in the map. To add your icon, click on the icon on the left side in the map and drag it to the location where the organization, individual or project is based or was implemented. When you hover over the icon it says “draw a marker”. Once you submit your entry we will evaluate it and publish it if it is a valid entry. Your chosen icon will then show in the map and will be added in the list. We will try to publish your entry as soon as possible, but take into account that we work with a small voluntary team.